Why we've built Saasmanager

Modern companies rely heavily on SaaS. After payrolling, SaaS costs often are the biggest expense for startups, scaleups, and digital agencies. And as you might know... SaaS tools need managing.

Employees come and go, new applications are adopted, old ones are deprecated, a (temporary) upgrade is needed every now and then - you get the point.

SaaS spending isn't a primary focus for most companies. We get why - cutting down on SaaS won't double your revenue or something. But! If you spend a little time and effort on checking whether software subscriptions are still being used throughout the organization, you can save a chunk of those costs.

Saving on SaaS comes in three steps. Interested in how it works? Read our launch blog, written by founder Jasper van Elferen.

We're a venture studio from The Netherlands

We are a venture studio, running several SaaS and API products. And hey, we even have our own brewery.

While running our ventures, we use a lot of SaaS tools, and we got into the habit of checking up on all of our subscriptions once a year. With a saving streak that lasted a few years, we tried to find any tools that could help us save in an easier and more reliable way.

What we found were a lot of tools for corporations, but almost no plug & play solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

Scratch your own itch, right? At some point, we decided to build our own. So here it is: Saasmanager!

Jasper van Elferen

Jasper van Elferen

Dimitri van Hees

Dimitri van Hees