About us

We’re on a mission. It’s quite simple: to help small and medium-sized tech companies work more efficiently. Why? Because tech is here to make our lives easier, and we know there’s a world to win when SaaS is properly managed. We’re here to streamline your processes, keep track of your SaaS subscriptions and most of all: help you save time and money that you can spend on the important stuff.

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The people behind Saasmanager

Saasmanager is part of Waldeck, a venture company from The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Jasper and Dimitri are no strangers to tech. They share a passion for creating great digital products. With a history of working in digital agencies and start- and scaleups, they have a ton of experience in building large-scale software.

Dimitri van Hees

Jasper van Elferen

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